I knew the A/C was going to cost a fortune

Over the last few weeks, I’ve observed a sizable change in our car.

The weather has been getting warmer, but the A/C in the car doesn’t seem to keep up with the demand.

I drive 31 miles each afternoon to work plus back. I rarely use the A/C much in the morning, but I have it on full blast every afternoon on our way home from work, but over the last couple of weeks, the A/C hasn’t worked well at all. I’ve had to keep the method on maximum cool in order to maintain comfortable temperature levels inside of the car. When the car dealership had a special on services plus repairs, I took the car to the dealership for a free A/C check up. I knew the A/C was going to cost a luck to repair, but I didn’t expect the bad news that I heard. The mechanic felt that the A/C compressor plus motor were going bad plus this was going to be a $1,300 repair. I was anxious that the A/C repairs would cost $300 or $400, plus I never expected to hear an amount over $1,000. I was devastated when the mechanic gave myself and others the paperwork. If I was alone, I might have cried. I told the guy that I would call later that week to schedule the A/C repair service, but there has really no way that I can afford to pay for the service. I’ll have to keep babying the A/C until the device finally quits. Hopefully I’ll have some money saved by the time it officially stops laboring.



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