Dog was a nightmare without enough cool air

I have always considered myself to be an animal lover.

I can’t remember a single time in my life when I did not have a lot of pets to keep me company and make me happy. I absolutely love having living creatures in my space and somewhere to direct my attention when I am feeling upset. However, sometimes the animals can become the cause of my upset… And that is not such a fun time anymore. For instance, when I found out that my new dog is completely averse to warm air it was a bit of a struggle. For the longest time I have lived in a warm and humid climate which really doesn’t bother me. I am fairly cold-blooded, so I can stay pretty comfortable even without advanced air conditioning keeping me cool in the dead of Summer. However, it does get to be oppressively hot and sticky around here in the summertime. Normally I keep my air conditioning unit at a relatively conservative setting so that I do not overworked the cooling system or create extra professional heating, cooling, and air quality control appointments for myself. You have to watch out with your energy expenditure and routine HVAC wear and tear around these parts. That being said, the moment that my new dog stepped outside and felt the warm summer sun last year… He ran right back inside the air conditioning. He then loudly complained for the rest of the day when the AC clearly was not cool enough. These days he basically refuses to go outside and I have to run my air conditioning at level 11. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m still an animal person.



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