Documentary about air quality

I’ve been on a real kick lately seeing documentaries about the most random things.

I don’t suppose why I find it so interesting to watch these documentaries.

The last documentary I watched was on air quality. I thought it would be interesting to watch the documentary and see if our air quality was living up to the standards than it should be. After seeing the documentary about air quality I realize that I am not doing all that I could be to make sure our air quality is up to par. I could be making sure that I change the cooling system vent filters and getting official repair done on our heating and cooling system, I haven’t Done that in years. I always thought that I would do that once I owned our own home, even though I just haven’t found a need. I suppose maybe I should call the local heating and cooling company to see if they want to come out to our house and help me with our heating and cooling needs to replace our air quality. Maybe I’ll call a local company this week and see if I can have them come out. I suppose that if I have a local heating and cooling company come up to our house and they will be able to help me decide what our needs are with our heating and cooling system. I just want to improve our air quality after seeing this documentary and I suppose this is the best way to do it.


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