My productivity improved at work when the air conditioner was replaced

I told myself in college that I’d never allow myself to fall into a soulless 9-5 job in a depressing cubicle, but here I am.

Honestly, nothing in life turned out the way I had hoped. I’m 30 years old now and nowhere closer to achieving my dreams than I was when I was 18. And If I had to be completely truthful with myself, I don’t think I ever will. I told myself that I need to get used to working in this dead end job until I can afford to go back to college and get a better degree. It’s not all bad though, since I recently got a raise at work when my productivity improved. All of a sudden I was feeling more comfortable at my desk everyday, and I was getting a lot less distracted as a result. Eventually I learned that management had completely replaced the antiquated heating and cooling system one weekend while everyone was at home. I was shocked that something as simple as upgrading the air conditioner could have such a significant effect on my work productivity. At the same time, it makes sense—if you feel comfortable, you’re less likely to fidget and distract yourself. With comfortable indoor air, I can stay focused for hours at a time without my brain wandering off. If I had to make a request, I’d ask for better chairs too. With enough improvements, my attitude on my current job and my place in life might change for the better. It doesn’t feel as soulless when I can make a fair living in climate controlled comfort.