I’m happy that my productivity improved at task when the air conditioner was replaced

I told myself back in college that I’d never fall into a soulless 9-5 task in a depressing cubicle, but this is precisely where I am. Honestly, nothing in life turned out the way I anticipated. I’m 30 years of age now and nowhere closer to achieving my dreams than I was when I was 18. And If I had to be totally truthful with myself, I don’t suppose I ever will. I told myself that I need to get used to actually working in this dead end task until I can cover the cost to go back to college and get a better degree. It’s not all terrible though, since I recently got a raise at my task when my productivity improved. Suddenly, I was feeling more comfortable at my desk everyday, and I was getting a great deal less distracted as a result. Eventually I was able to learn that management had actually replaced the antiquated heating and cooling equipment one weekend while everybody was home. I was honestly shocked that something as straightforward as upgrading the air conditioner equipment could have such a significant effect on my task productivity. At the same time, it makes complete sense—if you feel comfortable, you’re less likely to fidget and become distracted. With comfortable indoor air, I can actually remain focused for numerous hours at a time separate from having my brain wandering off. If I had to make a request, I’d ask for way better chairs too. With enough improvements, my attitude on my current task and my actual place in life might change. It doesn’t feel entirely soulless when I can make a relatively good living in temperature controlled comfort.

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