I needed a new ventilation fan in the bathroom.

Over the last month, I gutted and remodeled my master bathroom.

I love all the work that I have done.

I pulled up the laminate flooring and installed penny tiling. I put in a new vanity with a countertop that matched the flooring. There is a new shower with a large daisy shower head, and there are glass shelves in the wall. After looking at the new bathroom, I knew I had one more chance to make it in the bathroom. When I was pulling up the flooring and taking out the old walls, I discovered some mold. I knew this came from the steam in the bathroom being unable to escape. I had to put a ventilation system into the bathroom. My mom told me that I could just open a window, but I didn’t want to do this. I found a good ventilation system for the bathroom that included a heating system. I was able to turn on just the fan, or the fan and the heating or air conditioning. The heating and air conditioning, along with the fan, would circulate the air and help to eliminate any residual steam or moisture from the bathroom air. The odors that come from a continually damp bathroom, would be eliminated and I wouldn’t need to worry about mold and mildew. Since I had the ventilation system with the HVAC, I also wanted to make some pretty changes. I bought new fixtures, and even a pretty toothbrushes holder, toilet tissue holder and faucets to match. I then bought some new matching towels and washcloths. I finally had the master bathroom I always dreamed of having.

a/c worker