Overworking my air conditioner caused the fan motor to fry

I’m not as careful as I should be with my appliances and electronics in my house.

I keep leaving my smart TV on with the static home screen, and I’ve already noticed some burn-in with the image on the screen.

Anyone with older LCD televisions can attest to the effects of burn-in after owning their TVs for a few years or more. I knew this when I bought it but wasn’t smart enough to address my subconscious concerns. Although my tablet isn’t experiencing burn-in on it’s screen, it’s becoming another fatality of my foolishness. I throw it around, whether I’m tossing it into my back seat when I climb into the car or onto the living room floor when I get home from work. There are cracks forming on the screen, making portions of the screen completely unusable. If I had been more gentle with the tablet, it wouldn’t have so many cracks in its screen. Even using a shock resistant case would have helped as well. I wish I could stop here, but I have done the same thing to my central air conditioner. I’ve been overworking it and trying to keep the temperature too low in my house. If it’s 95 degrees outside, it’s unreasonable to expect my air indoors to be as cold as 68 degrees. After abusing my air conditioner for five years, the fan motor finally fried yesterday. I was working in my home office when the a/c suddenly shut down. I called my heating and cooling supplier and they sent someone out in a matter of hours. It didn’t take long for him to diagnose the problem. I’m lucky that the air conditioner is still under warranty or I would have been paying hundreds of dollars in an avoidable repair.

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