We rely on a property management group to handle our 3 homes

I grew up working with our hands.

  • I helped our dad in a sawmill and I l earned how to build things.

When the sawmill closed for good, I started working as a company. I met our fiance and we bought our first home. A few years later, the 2 of us decided to buy another home on the same street. The property was in foreclosure status and we picked up the 3 acre parcel for next to nothing. My fiance and I worked together to repair up the property. It took several months to repair up the location. When we finished with the repairs, our fiance and I decided to keep the property as a rental. A few months after we rented the property, our fiance and I found another interesting option to purchase another home. We never thought we would go into the property and real estate business, but it fell into our lap. My fiance and I purchased the property for pennies on the dollar and we fixed up that location the following year. We were going to sell the property, but the leaseholder of our first condo knew someone looking for a rental and the leaseholder had good credit and first, last, and security deposit. My fiance and I no longer live in the area, so now we rely on a property management group to handle the 3 homes. They collect the rent and handle any repairs. My fiance and I still have to spend money for the bills, but the property management group handles all of the details.

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