The morgue got too hot from an overheated electric heat pump

Anyone who has gone to the morgue knows that it needs to be cool in order to preserve the bodies.

Once while at work as a morgue attendant, I noticed that the temperature seemed a little bit high.

I was working the day shift and by mid-morning, the temperatures had shot up significantly. I could also hear the unit rumbling noisily. The kitchen though was very cold. I contacted the local homeowner solutions provider to send a reputable HVAC repairman. The technician identified a frozen electric heat pump that was putting a strain on the central heating causing it to rumble noisily. The heat exchanger had frozen up causing the furnace not to blow the desired cool air into the morgue. The technician redid the boiler installation and the boiler repair. The heat and AC products that had malfunctioned were replaced and the furnace returned to functioning normally. He also replaced the batteries of the programmable thermostat that was controlling the hot water boiler. The dirty HEPA filter was changed to reduce the stress on the fireplace. The smart HVAC was revived and it restored the whole home heating. By afternoon, the temperatures within the morgue and kitchen had returned to normal and I was not worried about the bodies decaying at a fast rate. The technician also advised on the importance of regular servicing of the heating and cooling unit as it ensured the system lasted longer and the unplanned repairs were reduced. In all my years working as a morgue attendant, I had never experienced a warm morgue even in the scorching summers. There was a first time for everything after all, right? I got to learn a lot about a system I knew existed but had not understood how it worked.



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