The gas furnace just keeps on running continuously

Our gas furnace keeps on running & it won’t stop… I can’t figure out what the problem is, however something has to be done, and my house feels enjoy the inside of a sauna & we are all sizzling & annoyed, then the temperature outside is already heating up & so it’s time to turn the thermostat down once again after a pretty long, frosty Wintertime, however, when I tried to turn the heating down yesterday, it seemed basically like it was stuck in the on position instead.

I mean, the thermostat switched over to off, however the fan kept working from the oil furnace.

The sizzling air kept on blowing from the heating vents & the property kept getting hotter & hotter. This went on all through the night & by the time I woke up this day, I knew that we were going to have to do something. I called up our local Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier & made an appointment, however I felt so deranged when I told them what the actual setback was. I mean, how many people out there aren’t able to turn off their own gas heating machine? It seems sort of like a crazy problem to have. At this moment, we are sitting in the residence with the windows wide open while the gas heating machine is running on full blast. I can almost see the money floating out the open windows. It’s just something my old man used to tell myself and others when I would leave a door open. He would ask me if I was looking to heat up the whole outdoors. I believe this is exactly what he meant!


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