My ultimate cheat sheet on HVAC systems that I use at home

I have had my fair share of issues with my HVAC system since it was installed. Some of these issues were pretty easy to fix, but most times, I felt helpless and had to call my local contractor to have the problems fixed. I noticed that regular maintenance practices on my HVAC system minimized malfunctions and stopped potential failures common to HVAC technology. When I invited an HVAC specialist over, I learned something new and tried it out the next time I had similar issues. With time I was able to troubleshoot and fix minor problems that the HVAC technology posed. I developed a cheat sheet on the HVAC system that I use at home. I learned that I needed to begin with the simple, visible components and proceed to the hidden parts when diagnosing air conditioning, ventilation, or heating issues. This way, I was able to separate the good-performing components from potentially faulty HVAC tech. I don’t wait for my air filters to clog before replacing them. Instead, I change them every 30 days to prolong my HVAC system’s lifespan and ensure that no dirty particles from the dirty filter circulate through the air. This has saved me a lot of money and spared my health. I also invested in a smart thermostat to keep my HVAC technology running longer. A smart thermostat monitors the prevailing indoor temperature throughout the day and adjusts the HVAC equipment’s settings to achieve the desired indoor temperature at any given minute. I don’t have to change my thermostat frequently to keep up with the temperature inconsistencies. I also don’t ignore warning signs on my HVAC unit. I fix it and restore my HVAC system to normal function.

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