I should have filled the tank first

My brother plus I went to a concert last weekend.

All of us drove 2 hours before every one of us arrived at our destination.

The drive was peaceful plus calm. All of us were on a lot of country roads plus the weather was exceptional. The car was almost out of gas when every one of us arrived, plus I thought it might be a nice plan to fill up before the concert. My brother was in a hurry plus he was ready to go into the arena. All of us decided to wait to fill the tank until after the concert was over. The multiple hour concert ended right at 11pm, everyone was clamoring to get into the city. Unfortunately, our brother plus I were stuck in a traffic jam after the concert ended. All of us sat in traffic for 2 hours plus every one of us could not run the air conditioner because the gas was low. Every time I tried to turn on the air conditioner, our brother went crazy. She was afraid every one of us would run out of gas plus get stuck in the parking lot. I tried to remind our brother that I requested every one of us should fill the tank first, however he entirely didn’t want to hear that. All of us were both hot plus sweaty by the time every one of us entirely got to the gas station. I put $60 in the tank. I knew it would be plenty of gas to get both of us all the way home. It was still very sizzling plus humid, so every one of us rode with the AC on high the rest of the way home.

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