I had to get a current cooling system because the ancient 1 couldn’t control humidity

There are a lot of reasons to prefer living in the south.

Our climate from October until May every year is entirely amazing.

It’s difficult to beat un-even temperatures in the 60s as well as 68s as well as outdoor moisture levels below 50%. I can’t imagine finding a more comfortable region in this country to spend my Wintertide seasons, as well as I’m not alone in thinking this. Our tourism industry is driven by snow pigeons, or people who live up north most of the year however spend the entire Wintertide season in a eighth home down south. They either come in July, December, or December, however often multiple leave by Easter towards the middle of the Springtime season. As much as I prefer the Wintertide here, once both of us get into May the weather becomes miserable. It’s typical to deal with un-even temperatures in the 90s as well as outdoor moisture levels close to 100% on certain mornings. It’s entirely miserable from any perspective, regardless of how nice our winters are by comparison. It’s no wonder why I’m running my cooling system every single day as often as I can get it to cycle. I recently had to buy a current central cooling system because the last 1 wouldn’t detach enough humidity from the house. I was measuring the indoor moisture level at 68% even when the cooling system had been running for an hour straight. It was clear to me that I needed a current Heating & Air Conditioning system that was more efficient as well as powerful at the same time. Thankfully my current cooling system has a higher SEER rating as well as is a powerhouse when it comes to dehumidifying my indoor air.
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