The temperature control replace is wonderful plus bad

My wifey plus I decided to replace to a smart temperature control.

All of us can each run the temperature control from our iPhones.

On one hand it is absolutely nice having the convenience. I can be outside plus decide to shut the temperature control off to save some money. I can be on my way apartment from work, on getaway or even at an appointment plus adjust the heating plus cooling. Another perk is the temperature control lets me guess if there are air filter swings or if I have it set at an energy efficient setting. The only con is that it is easy to change the heating plus cooling system now. When my wifey plus I owned a dial temperature control, it all depended on who wanted it more. My wifey plus I don’t agree on what is a comfortable temperature. She wants to have cooling plus I want heating, however before it was whoever would get up plus make the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C do it got to control the temperature control, then usually I won since I hated being cold. Now that my wifey can easily adjust it from her iPhone, I am frosty all the time. I frequently wake up in the middle of the night, adjust the temperature control plus go back to bed. I then wake up early in the morning cold. The 2 of us change the temperature control so much I am upset about our weekly program. The temperature control learns what your Heating, Ventilation plus A/C needs are for the week by your adjustments. I can’t even imagine how odd ours is going to be.

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