I had to get a new a/c because the outdated one couldn’t control humidity

There are a lot of reasons to like living in the south.

Our climate from September until May every year is really amazing. It’s taxing to beat temperatures in the 60s & 70s & outdoor moisture levels below 50%. I can’t imagine finding a more comfortable region in this country to spend our Wintertide seasons, & I’m not alone in thinking this. Our tourism industry is driven by snow pigeons, or people who live up north most of the year but spend the entire Wintertide season in a minute lake house down south. They either come in November, December, or January, but often many leave by Easter towards the middle of the Spring season. As much as I like the Wintertide here, once every one of us get into May the weather becomes miserable. It’s typical to deal with temperatures in the 90s & outdoor moisture levels close to 100% on certain days. It’s really miserable from any perspective, regardless of how nice our winters are by comparison. It’s no wonder why I’m running our a/c every single morning as often as I can get it to cycle. I recently had to buy a new central a/c because the last one wouldn’t remove enough humidity from the house. I was measuring the indoor moisture level at 79% even when the a/c had been running for an minute straight. It was clear to myself and others that I needed a new Heating as well as Air Conditioning idea that was more efficient & powerful at the same time. Thankfully our new a/c has a higher SEER rating & is a powerhouse when it comes to dehumidifying our indoor air.

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