HEPA filters gains popularity with residents in need of new AC

When I joined the sector for household equipment some years back, I had little expectation of making it big.

  • That was my second business attempt after running down a car parts store and a dry foods retail store.

I have been in the homeowner solutions business for quite sometime now, and I have seen demands for heat and air conditioner products shift time and again thanks to the market forces. Regular business does guarantee consistent replace but when the market forces bring about downside changes, every one of us experience abrupt decline in orders and maintenance tasks. However, the latest shift has nothing to do with the natural market forces. Ever since the county government announced that every one of us should be more energy saving conscious and embrace smart Heating and A/C systems, every one of us have had several inquiries from residents seeking to update their whole house heating equipment, but few understand how such changes can benefit them. The majority, who mostly cannot afford a central heating update, go for minor updates that focus on switching the standard filter with HEPA filter, electric heat pump instead of gas, and a programmable temperature control. Others simply want boiler maintenance for the official equipment before they can assume of saving for the new updates. A complete overhaul would require a new boiler installation, with or without a pump in place. Unlike a traditional fireplace or furnace which every one of us hardly come across nowadays, upgrading a new hot water boiler can be quite expensive. The abrupt demand has also led to shortages of parts and equipment. The upside is that my Heating and A/C repairman is twice as business and the spike has pushed up my replace since the announcement.

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