The HVAC system in our office is the worst

I work at a big firm downtown and we finally reopened a couple of months ago after all of the shutdowns that went on last year.

It was awful when we were working from home because of all of the computer and wifi issues that we had. It was impossible to dial into our databases that we needed and everything seemed to take twice as long as it should have. However, the one good thing about working from home was the fact that I got to use my own HVAC unit in my house. I love my new HVAC unit that I had installed last year. It’s a high efficiency heating and cooling system, and it runs with a smart thermostat unit that is fantastic. I can control the thermostat through an app on my phone and it also tells me the usage, the temperature settings, and the status of my batteries and air filters. It is the best thing that I have ever purchased for my home. Now, on the other hand, the HVAC system at the office where I work is just the worst. The heating and cooling system is always hit or miss, and the place smells like mold and mildew all the time. I am pretty sure that the smells are coming from the ventilation ducts, which doesn’t exactly give me a great deal of faith in our ventilation system or our indoor air quality. Moving back into the office just reminds me how great the HVAC system is at home compared to the one here in the office.

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