Suffering with no a/c

I’d been looking forward to a weekend away with my husband and daughter for several weeks.

We made plans to spend a few days at our family condo on the beach, which is where we always go when we need a short getaway.

The condo is owned by the entire family, which means we share it all year round. Sharing a condo was a great way for everyone to enjoy the beach at a reasonable price, but there are some challenges when it comes to sharing a common space. For instance, when we arrived at the condo late in the evening on Friday, we realized that it was hot and humid inside. I turned the air conditioning on and set the temperature to 70 degrees. While we were unpacking our things, I never heard the air conditioner turn on. I tried altering the settings on the thermostat, but nothing worked. Since our condo was one of many units in the building, our HVAC equipment was on the roof and I didn’t have access to it. Instead, we had to suffer through the weekend with no air conditioning! I called the local HVAC company to come service it, but they were unable to get there until Monday morning. This is where sharing a condo with others is difficult. In my mind, the person who used the condo before us is responsible for the damage. In their mind though, they think it’s our issue since we were the ones who called the HVAC company. In the end, we decided to split the bill and nobody was happy about it.


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