Smart Thermostats Are Beginning of Idyllic Life

So, I know that being lazy is frowned upon; I do, then i’m well aware that lounging in bed for the entire day isn’t necessarily the most popular way to live.

I know that I need to leave our bed in the nights- for if no other reason than to avoid seeming like Charlie’s bed-ridden Grandparents from Willy Wonka, the thing is, however, I am hard-pressed to recall a singular feeling that is better than than waking up to a frigid morning & being comfortable & swaddled in the quilts on my bed.

If I could have a Jetsons type life, perfectly automated to maintenance our every whim, I guess I would pursue such a marvelous way of life. I’d love to press a magic button & vacuum the floor, or cook breakfast, or get our car started & heating up before I am out the door, but sadly, our world is still many years away from a full-replication of Jetson’s life, then but, I will say, there’s a recent invention that I think is the start of our movement towards such an idyllic way of living. There’s this thing called a smart control unit now; basically, the control unit connects to your PC through WIFI, however and while that on its own may seem idyllic, the genuinely futuristic component of this concept is that you can completely control the temperature of your home or office from the computer! I want a smart control unit so badly- never again would I have to get out of our moderate bed for the chilled halls of our house. As soon as I awaken from my restful slumber, I can just make sure our heating system is on & set to the ideal temperature. Before coming inside from mowing the grass? I can click on our a/c to make sure the house is 70 degrees. In the living room but I’m a little frigid? No need to get up & walk down the hall! This is no longer laborious afternoons of the past- no, all I need to do nowadays is pull out my smartphone & click the app; smart control units are totally the way toward an idyllic life.



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