Our HVAC party was complete and utter chaos

Our HVAC party was complete and utter chaos for many reasons.

You might be wondering “why would anyone want to go to an HVAC party?” The reason we had theis HVAC party was because many of us were owners of heating and cooling businesses, were HVAC technicians, or spent our time building air conditioners and furnaces, and we all wanted to get together to share some inspiration about our individual HVAC experiences.

Little did we know the trouble this HVAC party would cause. The biggest problem at this party was the differing opinions. There were some HVAC technicians that believed a central air conditioner is the utamate air conditioner, while many others said that multi split air conditioners were definitely the best, and from there many unsettled disagreements emerged. Another problem was that many of the heating and cooling business owners that attended were competitors with the other heating and cooling business owners, so they avoided each other and even gossiped about each other the entire time. The HVAC technicians who build air conditioners and furnaces for a living were the only ones who really enjoyed each other because they all appreciated suggestions on how to build a better air conditioner, furnace, air purifier, or smart thermostat. Overall the HVAC party was very contentious and uncomfortable. It wasn’t until after the HVAC party that many of the heating and cooling business men apologized to each other and became friends. We had a meeting to discuss courtesy and how an HVAC party should go. Hopefully next time we won’t have such bad heating and cooling business men get together.

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