Furnaces and Air Conditioners Vary According to Region

One thing that never genuinely clicked in our head when I was young was that there are a lot more places in the world than our small hometown.

Of course, don’t get me wrong- I knew there were other places, of course, although I didn’t genuinely understand that weird sites meant a lot of different weather conditions. I thought everywhere was a more-or-less humid little southern town with an average thermostat reading of 70 degrees. When I went off to school, however, I was awakened and realized that there was a whole slew of biomes in the US; way more than I had ever genuinely taken the time to guess about. One of my friends in our freshman year was downright surprised that all of the dorms had air conditioners installed. That remark struck me as so ridiculous at first – why wouldn’t we? Apparently, he was from up north, where air conditioners are not everywhere. She had explained that there just hadn’t been a historic need for air conditioners like we have where I was born & raised. Another of our friends had remarked that for his family, in the frigid mid-west region of the US, his family had a furnace & heater, but no regular AC unit. She even went on to say that every year his family had an Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker come & maintenance their heating system two or three times each year, to ensure it was constantly equipped to handle whatever wicked weather dominated the region. Learning about the weird sites all of our classmates were from was so much fun. I was especially interested in learning how that fact had so greatly influenced the varieties of our cooling & heating appliances.

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