A Fireplace is Lovely but a Furnace is Necessary

Here’s the thing- I was born & raised in the southeast; our hometown was a veritable tropical locale.

And of course, this comes with an entire slew of pros & cons, perhaps the consequence with the most significant real-life impact is our inability to tolerate the winter.

Born & raised in heat, my normal is predicated on our environment not increasing below 60-something degrees. When I moved away to go to college, I abruptly befriended a lovely man named Ernest; Ernest is our best friend to this day, & has only one major character flaw- He’s a northerner. Of course, environmental stigmas aside, the issue I have with his site of origin is that he never ceased to tease me mercilessly me when I complained about feeling the drastic effects of a non-coastal winter! I love the winter, but, well just… from afar; I love it through a window pane, seeing on as I’m rocking by the fireplace & well-heated home. I guess Winter scenes, like frozen lakes & snow-frosted evergreen firs are genuinely fabulous and heart-warming! However, our opinion on their beauty abruptly dies if our heating is out, or, God forbid, our furnace needs to be serviced or repaired or replaced. My dear friend once regaled to me the tale of his family’s heating going out in the dead of February, & needing to call the Heating, Ventilation and A/C provider; they needed a heating system repair that day, & the furnace maintenance they usually used was overburdened with calls. They needed an Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker to come in & replace the entire heating system because their heating system repairs would have been so time-consuming and expensive! Can you imagine? That’s why I’m consistently diligent about making sure our Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker comes out to maintain our heating system before Winter hits- I never want to experience a blizzard with only a fireplace!

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