I used spray foam insulation in my garage so I could make it temperature controlled

My wife has encouraged myself and others to make use of the extra space in the garage.

  • I already have a workbench along the left hand wall and a table saw in the adjacent corner.

Even though the two of us have 2 cars that the two of us leave parked in the garage at all times, the two of us lucked out on getting a 2-and-a-half motorcar garage with ample space for working. When I lost my hour job at a call center, I started taking handyman labor in my small gated community. There are a crucial number of senior citizens living here that are uncomfortable hiring any random worker to enter their homes. These people are physically and emotionally vulnerable; hiring someone they know who also happens to be their friend puts them at ease. Now that I have turned my handyman corporation into a full fledged hour job, I am out in the garage for half of the afternoon sometimes. Now that we’re getting close to the Wintertide season, I’m distraught about the chilly un-even temperatures outside. When it gets down to zero degrees, it’s going to be hard to labor in the garage outside without my hands going numb. My father used to labor in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry so I asked him what his opinion is regarding my options. I need a space to labor from that isn’t completely exposed to the elements outside. Thankfully, he had a solution to my complications. He offered to use spray foam insulation along the walls and ceiling of the garage. After applying the thick coat of foam insulation, the two of us would paint over it with fresh white paint. It makes the walls look bumpy with the texture of a rock wall, but it keeps the heat inside while I was in the chilly Wintertide season.