HEPA air filters are a small price to pay to protect your health

Not only was I breathing better but I noticed way less dust as well

I know for certain that I have spent too much time worrying about breathing the air. But an airborne pandemic will tend to make a person hyper aware of any shared air space. I’m still entirely working from my own residence in the Heating and A/C as a matter of fact. And I don’t go anywhere indoors to eat or for entertainment reasons. Along with being bothered about the actual air I breathe, it’s also been the most boring year for me too. That said, it’s still better than getting sick with this virus because I have a health condition that could mean I end up harshly sick. So that’s why I’m particularly conscious of where I am & what air I actually am sharing. This pandemic also hipped me to the fact that the Heating and A/C machine managed air quality is a legitimately huge deal when it comes to one’s health. I didn’t particularly know anything about this before however it makes sense. Poor air quality results in all manner of airborne contaminants always affecting the respiratory system. This means that your immune system gets overworked from this ongoing fight. If you are in a locale that is sealed up especially tight in order to maximize the Heating and A/C efficiency, air quality needs a bit of help from you. I changed out the Heating and A/C air filter for a HEPA air filter. This thing traps & removes close to 99 percent of the airborne contaminants that are pulling down our health. That seems like a truly small thing to do however it’s honestly not. I could tell the difference in the first week. Not only was I breathing better but I noticed way less dust as well. Do your immune health a sizable favor & upgrade the cheap Heating and A/C air filters with HEPA type air filters. You’ll be doing yourself a major service.