Ductless HVAC comes through

There are normally answers for difficult challenges in life. However for me, it’s allowing myself the space to find those answers that makes life difficult. I tend to be one of those people that wants an answer like yesterday. But unfortunately, that is just not the way like normally works out. Indeed, it seems with the advent of technology, we all want and expect instant answers. I know I recently experienced an HVAC problem that I just couldn’t come up with an immediate answer for. The problem resulted from buying an older home that had a very old HVAC system in it. The heating & cooling method had been replaced several times. And initially, I thought that was what we would be doing. However, upon further inspection, I started noticing that the ductwork layout was not to my liking at all. Then when we had the HVAC contractor come out for the initial inspection, I got more confounding news. The ductwork was really not up to the modern standard and would have to be ripped out. That would be a major renovation as much of it was not readily accessible. So I had a problem. Seemed like it was a no win situation. The fact that we has such a great HVAC contractor really made a difference. He told me not to worry and that he would come up with some other alternatives. The man could tell that I was not onboard with a complete HVAC renovation. The cost, hassle and length of time for installation were all non starters for me. True to his word, I had an email waiting for me by lunch the next day. That’s when I found our answer in ductless HVAC.


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