I broke our furnace trying to fix it

I couldn’t manage without my wife.

  • I have always been stubborn.

I also enjoy saving currency. I could be considered cheap. When the gas furnace started having some problems, my wife suggested we call a professional HVAC contractor. It would have been the smart thing to do. A licensed HVAC contractor could have inspected the gas furnace and pinpointed the problem. A knowledgeable technician could probably have fixed the heating system within a few hours. I wanted to avoid the fees charged by a certified contractor. I was sure I could fix the furnace and save us some money. I am fairly handy and have a good set of tools. However, I had easily zero experience working with any style of heating equipment. I took the time to read through the owner’s manual for the furnace. I watched a few videos on YouTube and felt certain I had the system all figured out. I was wondering why HVAC professionals make so much money to provide repairs any homeowner can manage by themselves. I was totally wrong in all my assumptions. After working on the gas furnace for three hours, I had only managed to make the problems much worse. When I was finished, the heater would not even start up. I had to hire a licensed HVAC contractor and pay a more expensive repair bill because of my efforts. I have now realized that I will save money by enrolling in a maintenance plan with the HVAC company. Having the furnace serviced every fall will keep it operating more reliably and efficiently.

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