Dad is the thermostat hog

I know every child has a big memory of their dad loudly saying he was the sole controller of the temperature control.

This is a firmly-cemented belief because he owns the house. My dad is such a thermostat hog. Dad decided heating and air, that was the law of our kingdom- kingdom meaning house, that is, maybe such a memory isn’t par for the course for everybody, but it easily was a clear moment in my teen years. My father was someone who always needed to be cool and living residing in a humid plus sticky environment like the two of us did wasn’t the largest contributor to that goal. So he loved the air conditioner, he had the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialists service our air conditioner religiously, never missing a check-in date or service appointment. He was devout in its care and to be honest, the rest of us were pretty committed to the longevity plus health of our air conditioner, too! A thrilled, air-conditioned, plus cooled-off father respectfully led to a better outcome when it came to our nightly movie negotiations. I do remember there was 1 time our air conditioner machine had an issue, plus our dad had called our Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist so fast I swear he had our Heating plus Air Conditioning provider on his contacts high up! Thankfully, it wasn’t a immense repair needed, and the air conditioner was operating at full capacity shortly thereafter due to our great Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist plus Heating plus Air Conditioning provider, their air conditioner services never quit on us, and as a soft-sweaty kid, I sure did appreciate the a/c.

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