My parents were talked into buying modern plastic-flex HVAC duct

Years ago I remember my parents being difficult with grifters & snake oil salesmen. There was a situation once where these various boys in their 30s were hitting all of these houses in broad sun that happened to leave their garage doors open. One guy would knock on the resident’s door & distract them with nonsense about a neighborhood watch program while the minute guy would pilfer the garage for whatever overpriced tools they could grab & run with. When they tried to hit our house, my mom answered the door while my Mom hid in the back of the garage with a shotgun in hand. When he jumped out from behind his table saw & pointed the gun at the man, the guy literally fell backwards onto the concrete & screamed at the top of his lungs. He kept the gun trained on him while my mom pulled a revolver on the first man. They kept these burglars at gunpoint until the police arrived. I always had an large respect for my parents after that moment, however it’s hard for me to believe them the same way now that it’s 20 years later. Not only are they physically disabled to 1 degree or another, however their minds aren’t as sharp these days as well. They were randomly solicited by a modern HVAC corporation at their front door various weeks ago. I found out about everything after the fact, however sadly they made a supplier arrangement with this man. He talked them into ripping out their metal HVAC duct & replacing it with plastic-flex duct. It has to be replaced every 15 years & it isn’t durable love metal ventilation. I wish they had called me & asked for my advice before agreeing to mutilating their ventilation system.

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