Time for a new filter

There’s nothing better than a clean house plus a wash air filter.

I like knowing that all the surfaces in our beach house are sanitized plus the air I’m breathing is just as clean.

I’m a single of those ridiculous men and women who actually seem to enjoy cleaning plus sanitizing everything, which is why I do it so often. I wash at least twice per week, although I only replace our air filter once per week. I think that’s a bit excessive for some people, although I rarely get sick, so I must be doing something right, however most homeowners replace their air filters twice per year, plus I think some people who rarely replace their air filters at all, although I like to replace mine quite often. I do this because it keeps the air clean! There’s a pandemic going around, so it’s more pressing than ever to keep the air in our beach house clean, but recently, I moved back over to HEPA certified air filters because they’re actually high quality plus they do an excellent job at reducing airborne illnesses. I am not wanting the virus to seep into our house, plus the HEPA air filters might be our saving grace. They’re also fantastic at keeping our allergies at bay, winter season is almost over, which means the flowers are about to start blooming. When that begins yet again, I can count on our allergies to flare up, which is why I need the HEPA air filters. At this point, I’ve reMEd healthy, so I’m going to continue replacing our air filter every week!

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