Our friends had a bad house fire from the furnace

We got some bad news on the day that we came back from the weekend.

My wife plus myself found out that our very good friends living in a different state lost their entire Loft.

The place burn directly to the ground due to complications from the fireplace. This has my wife plus myself feeling very scared due to the fact that we also have a fireplace in our large home. As one matter for the fact, the heating + air conditioning supplier installing both of our fireplaces was the exact same supplier. Every one of us has this wood fireplace inside our Loft and then every one of us have the heating and air conditioning supplier convert the entire thing to a gas fireplace. It honestly didn’t seem like a big deal plus it really didn’t cost a lot of money. Our neighbors are now having a fireplace situation that is very close to the same. There has been an aftermarket fireplace that we don’t assume has any complications. The heating + air conditioning supplier said they would come out to double-check all of the wiring since the both of us are terrified that we will end up with a fire just like our friends. The heating + air conditioning supplier will genuinely come by in the afternoon to double-check the connections as well as make sure there are no significant problems that we have not found. I think it’s the only way that everyone of us can be safe and sure that we won’t run into a deadly situation in the future.


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