My students are successful students and adults

My friend’s place myself always knew that we wanted to be University teachers.

My friends plus myself through out’s less started teaching at the 4th grade level at a university close to here. Everyone of us honestly light working in the school plus everyone of us but we were successful to help students become successful adults. Even after our children left to go to a different place, former students would often come back for advice on many particular things. I prefer that everyone of us gave out edvice plus I preferred to help each student reach their own full potential. One story that I positively love to tell is a story about this kid who was honestly not great at testing and studying. He had a hard time in school and he didn’t think he would ever do well in university. That student went to a vocational University to learn about heating + air conditioning repair work. He took heating + air conditioning repair certification classes that were provided in the building. He honestly excelled at this program and it only took 8 months for him to earn his heating as well as cooling degree. The kid graduated at the top of his class and he was successful in every way. The student is a success story and a sure-fire reason for everyone to work as hard as they can in order to achieve their goals. Anything is possible if you work hard and you want it bad enough.


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