A monthly tradition

There’s literally nothing better than a wash current home and a wash air filter.

I prefer knowing that all the surfaces in my current home are sanitized and the air I’m breathing is just as tidy. I’m just one of those crazy people who prefer cleaning and sanitizing everything, which is why I do it so often. I wash at least twice per week, although I only upgrade my air filter once per week. I know that’s a bit excessive for some people, even though I rarely get sick, so I must be doing something right! Most homeowners upgrade their air filters twice per year, and I know some people who rarely upgrade their air filters at all, although I prefer to upgrade mine frequently. I end up doing this because it keeps the air clean, but there’s a pandemic going around, so it’s more substantial than ever to keep the air in my current home clean! Recently, I switched over to HEPA certified air filters because they’re really high quality and they do an excellent job at reducing airborne illnesses. I am not wanting the virus to seep into my house, and the HEPA air filters might be my saving grace. They’re also good at keeping my flu symptoms at bay, and the winter season is almost at its end, which means the flowers are about to start blooming. When that starts, I can count on my flu symptoms to flare up, which is why I need the HEPA air filters; So far, I’ve reMained healthy, so I’m going to continue replacing my air filter every week!

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