I’m anxious to start advertising my Airbnb

I had just purchased this appealing old household for less than what it should have cost.

It had such an amazing facade, in addition to the inside was marvelous.

Someone had taken excellent care of this household, in addition to it was now mine. I could just imagine the grand parties that must have been in this house. I pictured ladies in attractive ball gowns being led around the dance floor in a waltz by guys dressed in tuxedos… I had a ton of work to complete in this grand old household. I wanted to have a Heating in addition to A/C device installed, complete with heating in addition to A/C. I planned on keeping the fireplaces in the various rooms, however simply for aesthetics. The fireplaces were honestly a fire hazard. I planned on putting electric inserts into the fireplaces in addition to having the chimneys blocked off. I wanted to turn this charming old 19th-century mansion into an Airbnb. I knew that when people visited this area of the country, the pictures of the outside would certainly draw them to my little inn, and then they would stay for the inside. As soon as I had the Heating in addition to the A/C device installed, I was going to start advertising. I had already cut the amount of bedrooms in half, by adding lavatories for every suite. My only question is, how long does it take to install a Heating and A/C system? I am entirely looking forward to being able to advertise my Airbnb, and see the look on people’s faces. I’m also considering real 19th-century balls once per week. I’m sure they will be more comfortable, since I’ll have A/C to keep my guests completely comfortable.
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