A relaxing day

When I was a kid my parents purchased a home on the lake from the Burkett’s.

It was a nice 4 bedroom home with large windows all across the lakeside or front of the house. It had a full basement that housed our laundry room, recreation room, a big scary furnace, all our boating, skiing and outdoor furniture in off seasons. The house was situated on a large property full of birch, elm and oak trees on top of a hill with a long staircase to the first deck and then more stairs out to the dock area. All along the house tulips smiled when they decided to pop up and around the air conditioners mom had jasmine. The smell would linger in the air in the air always reminding us it was springtime and summer was to come. One spring season we were getting the house ready for the upcoming summer, the big clean and everyone was expected to act like a dedicated technician on their task. When we finished we all plopped on the couch for a snack enjoying the cool air from the air conditioning gently kissing our bodies. We had readied the furnace for its yearly summer time slumber and had the HVAC repair man come to do his yearly maintenance. He inspected and flipped every switch, changed the filter, serviced the mechanical parts, cleaned the air ducts, checked for leaks making sure there were no unhealthy gases. As we were all laying around in the lakeside living room the maintenance guy came upstairs to talk with my dad. He had finished his inspection and discussing the the state of the furnace and then handed him something.

Air quality systems