What is involved when you hire a SEO company?

When you look for a service, most people will start out by typing into a search on google.

Typing into the search means you are putting keywords into the search line.

These keywords lead you to find a company website. You have the choice to click on that website, or not to click. If a company is getting paid for every click that goes to that website, it is called PPC or pay per click advertising. This is an online SEO tactic. The best keywords to bring your company up on the first page, and hopefully in the first three searches, are the location of the company, the name, and specific products or services they offer. The company can also use SEO which is a system of linking keywords to the company website. If you are in HVAC and someone type in heating repair, you want your name to come up on the first page. A SEO company makes this happen. They make your website come up on page one of google. PPC gets you to the top spots, but that doesn’t mean someone will click on your website. If they do, you pay, but there is no guarantee they will buy from you. The good part is you only pay if someone clicks on your website, but the bad news is not having a guarantee the customer will remain there. SEO and SEM are a little more particular on where you will be on google. You need to decide which is best for your business. Do some research and choose a company that can best serve your needs. You don’t just want your website seen, but you want it to be productive, and you want it attached to social media platforms.

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