What do you do when a website is inefficient?

She knew what he did for a living

My partner has been working with SEO as part of a web design company, for quite some time now. He builds websites and helps them to rank higher on google by creating targeted keywords. He does other online SEO like PPC and SEM strategies. There comes a time when his knowledge of websites and how they should run right, he sometimes gets a bit hyper critical. If he sees a website that is less than he would build, he gets testy. He is always complaining about the layout being less than acceptable. He says when the font is too small or too big and he rants about the colors clashing or the link not being complete. He was online checking out the website for a school he was applying to as a teacher. He said there was no way he could work in a technology clinic when they couldn’t even hire someone to properly create a good website. He sent a text to the school and told them about their broken lines of code and the reasons why the website wasn’t working. When his sister talked about creating a website, he was going to tell her he was doing it. She had already said she wanted to do her own web design, and I told him he would be insulting her by telling her she couldn’t. She knew what he did for a living. If she wanted help with her web design, he would need to bite his tongue and wait to be asked. He wasn’t happy with my suggestion, but he knew I was right.


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