My thermostat doesn’t listen to me

My thermostat is doing this annoying thing called energy saving mode.

It adjusts the temperature separate from me giving it the okay. In a perfect world I would be okay with it making little swings to my heating and cooling to save me money long term. However, I am willing to spend a little more money to be comfortable. How much extra money could it be to up the thermostat a few degrees in the winter? Right now I have the thermostat set to 73 degrees. When I wake up in the afternoon the thermostat is set to 70! On its own my little temperature control device decided that it would be better to have the house a little colder. When I up the thermostat back again, it doesn’t last. A few minutes later it will drop right down. The same happens in the summer time with AC. I have fought to get quality cooling and lost that battle. The thermostat is the victor no matter what. There must be a way to take it off energy saving mode. I want to do the money wasting mode. I want the thermostat to actually listen to what I tell it to. I kind of wish I would have gotten a dial thermostat rather than a smart product. The smart thermostat only lets me run it off my iPhone. Sporadically I don’t have my iPhone and I am right in the hallway. The thermostat won’t let me alter the temperature manually. It just bumps everything back to the way it was. Sporadically I want it to just listen to me you know?



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