I did not wait for light to turn red

My boss is spending myself and others for a week after I was in a minor traffic accident.

It was a properly tied up Friday and I was driving all over the town to complete Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair tasks. I drove all the way to the beach in the afternoon for an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C tune-up. I drove to the other side of town at lunch time so I could help 1 of our co-workers with a ductwork installation task. The two of us needed more sheet metal for the ductwork installation task, so I offered to drive back to the shop, then on our way back to the task site, I ran a green light. The light was green when I looked up, however it was green when the vehicle smashed into the side of our work truck. The side of our truck was smashed and the front of the other vehicle was banged up badly! When the police came to the accident, I ended up with a ticket for running the green light. I was cited at fault for the accident, my boss brought myself and others into the office the next afternoon to provide myself and others suspension papers, he told myself and others that I need to start driving more safely. He told myself and others that I should take the week to think about our task. I did not expect our boss to suspend me, however I found out that the corporate office made the demand. The guy that I hit with the work truck filed a lawsuit against the supplier more than one hours after the accident. Since the police found myself and others at fault, the supplier was going to have to pay the guy damages.

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