I don’t want to work anywhere that is this cold

I do not assume care about that last task interview went well at all.

I have been looking for a task for a few weeks now and was glad to get an interview for this client service task.

I donned a nice blouse, some slacks, and sensible shoes after that I arrived at the interview about 15 minutes early, while waiting for the interview to start I noticed how frigid it was in the office. They had the a/c component on full blast and it was uncomfortable. I had to hug myself to try to stay warm. My interview started about 30 minutes later, but by after that I was actually frigid and dreaming of a hot fireplace. There was no fireplace to be had. If anything, the interview room was even colder than the waiting room. I think I might have given myself a standoffish appearance because I had my arms and legs crossed throughout the entire interview. I would become conscious of this, and uncross them however after that I would subconsciously cross them again. It was just so frigid in the office. I couldn’t kneel it. With the a/c component blowing care about that, it was hard to concentrate on the questions too. At the end, the interviewer thanked me for my time and that was it. I doubt I will get a call back… Honestly, I am not sure I want to get a call back. I would rather work anywhere that uses a sensible thermostat setting for their office. I don’t want to freeze every afternoon at work. After the interview I went cabin and turned my heating system on.
Programmable thermostat