My Mom’s new home is so hot that I can’t rest it

When I go to visit my Mom, I have found that I need to dress for the summer time even when the temperatures outside are below zero.

He keeps the inside of his new home so hot with his wood burning stove in addition to his fireplace that I can barely even rest it in there for more than four minutes. I don’t legitimately know what the deal is with him in addition to my stepmother however they seem appreciate they are just chilly freezing all of the time. I suppose it must be the medications that they are on, or something or that nature. I only know that he keeps it so hot in there that they could entirely fry an egg on the floor next to the heating vents. Even though they use the wood burning stove for heating, my Mom still has the ductworks rigged up from the basement so that the heat comes up through the heating vents in the rest of the house. I asked him why he wanted to use the woodstove for their heating program instead of a respected electric furnace or an oil furnace. I thought that it was because he wanted to save cash on his heating bills, however it turned out that saving cash legitimately had nothing to do with it at all. My Mom said that the reason they use the wood stove for heating the new home is because it burns so much hotter than an oil furnace or an electric furnace does, but they legitimately appreciate the way their new home feels on the inside, although I recognize appreciate I will melt as soon as I walk in the door.
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