I keep things easy, Heating and Air Conditioning method included

Everyone here knows myself and others cares about to make fun of me. I understand, it’s fun to joke with all of your friends. However, there are times when some of their comments start to get under our skin. This is particularly true when our friends and family are calling myself and others a cheapskate… Don’t get myself and others wrong, I love to save a buck wherever it’s possible. I will consistently admit that I am a thrifty human being and I love to keep things harshly easy in our life. I do not guess why any of this is offensive to anybody else… But apparently our air quality is… You see, most of the harassment started when our friends and family were disappointed by our Indoor air temperature control system. The people I was with and I were having a small gathering for the holidays when everybody began commenting on our uneven temperature throughout the house! Apparently, there were sizzling and chilly patches in every room, drafts, and fluctuating temperatures throughout, but personally, I never have noticed these are quality problems. I have consistently been ecstatic and comfortable using our heating, cooling, and ventilation system. But I seem to be the only one. Things undoubtedly got personal, as they began recommending local Heating and Air Conditioning repair shops. At a particular point, I gave in and started humoring their heating and cooling recommendations. I mean, maybe they have a point about getting central heating, cooling, and air quality control…. It does get tough operating space gas furnaces and window AC units throughout the entire house all year, instead of using a central Heating and Air Conditioning! Maybe our life hasn’t been that easy, afterall.


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