This guy John has the most amazing resume

I actually knew a guy named John when I was in high school. The two of us honestly weren’t best friends, but both of us knew each other a little bit… John regularly hung out with the jocks and the sports people and I hung out with the band nerds. The two of us met up again when both of us applied to the Heating, Ventilation and A/C technical program. The technical program was pretty much every night at the private school and it took roughly 7 weeks to eventually finish the course! I saw him on the afternoon that I signed up for the class and both of us were both accepted to the program. John and I came to learn that both of us had a ton of things in common and both of us became great friends. When the technical program was eventually finished, I accepted a job close to home. John accepted a job roughly 2 hours away. He moved out of the city and I didn’t see the guy for years. When he made the choice to move back to town, he called me up. He wanted to know where I was working and he asked me if I could help him get a job working for the same Heating, Ventilation and A/C appliance supplier. I told John to send me his resume. The guy was extremely busy for the last few years and he had a truly impressive resume. I knew my boss would offer the guy a job! Sure enough, a couple of afternoons later, John called with an update on the job search! My boss offered the guy a job absolutely working in our commercial Heating, Ventilation and A/C service and upgrade division. John had a huge amount of commercial experience and he would be a fine asset to the team.

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