Old apartment had mold from A/C

Growing up my family had very little.

My dad worked very hard to keep food on the table but there were whole weeks where we ate nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or ramen noodles.

Christmas was the only time of year where we might get new clothes. None of that bothered me so much. I knew Dad was doing the best he could. What did bother me was the crappy apartment we lived in. It didn’t have to be crappy but the landlord knew none of us could afford to move so he rarely ever did any repairs. When repairs were done it was always too little too late. Take, for example, the HVAC system in the apartment. The heater broke down so often that we rarely even checked to see if it worked. Instead, we just used space heaters. But, of course, you can’t leave space heaters running unsupervised so we would have to wait for the house to warm up when we got home from school. The air conditioner was just as bad, if not worse. Although the air conditioner did work most of the time it also leaked water down the ductwork. This leaking water caused mold all throughout the apartment complex. Our apartment always smelled moldy and musty. There were times when we could even see patches of mold on the ceiling. When that happened our dad would spray the area with some bleach. When I finally was able to move out and go out on my own I was surprised to find that not all apartments have major HVAC issues. Also, not all apartments smelled like mold. I live in an apartment now that doesn’t stink at all. Also, if the HVAC system has an issue it is repaired by real HVAC technicians.

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