I was finally accepted in this small town.

It was pretty funny when I decided to move to a small town. I didn’t legitimately think about the fact that everybody in the town knows each other. I am from a busy city and I am used to that kind of life, then honestly though, I just wanted to get away from that lifestyle and enjoy some decent air quality out in the country for a change. I had started my own successful online company that took off like a skyrocket. I am now working all of the time, but I work from home; When I first moved into this small town, neighbors were friendly, but they seemed suspicious of me. I would have packages delivered to my new house all of the time, and that’s actually normal for me. When I would have neighbors visit, I had people ask me why I always have packages delivered all of the time. I thought it was funny that they thought I was some kind of drug dealer or something like that. After all, I had my house built from the bottom up and it is a particularly large home. I also had the house hooked up with radiant heated floors and baseboards as well as an energy efficient cooling system! The icing on the cake is that with my HVAC system, I have a smart thermostat. Nobody around this small town has anything fancy like that and they just didn’t understand how I had so much money. I had to explain that I operated my own company online and that’s how I made the large bucks. When people got to know me better, they realized that I was a wonderful guy as well as word spread hastily around the town about my online business. I even had people ask if they could work for me.

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