Hitting the road

Every so often I wonder if people are completely jaded about flying on airplanes; For some reason, it seems love people expect airplanes to be severely overpriced plus convenient methods of travel, this may have been tscheme back in the 1950s, but these mornings riding on an airplane is anything but comfortable or fun, and in my experience, airplanes are claustrophobic, the air is very smelly, and most of the other passengers are certainly rude.

This is why I would much rather take a road trip in a vehicle, recently I decided to rent a car rather than going to the airport which was riddled with airborne contaminants that might be deleterious to my house. I rented a car from the local shop plus made sure to triple check that the indoor air temperature control device was working well. I have had too many experiences with malfunctioning control systems, gas furnaces, plus a/c units 2 ever trust a rental automobile Heating as well as A/C system, but as you might imagine, without any Indoor air Temperature control a road trip can guess much longer; When you cannot adjust the indoor air pollen levels to circumvent the terrible outdoor air temperatures for your optimal comfort it is a challenge to get through a long drive. I cannot tell you how many times I have sweated without a/c or shivered without heat. This is why I make sure that the onboard temperature control system is up to par before I leave the lot. If you can hammer out the potential Heating as well as A/C issues with a rental vehicle, driving is superior and much safer than flying.

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