They found an old video camera in the ductwork

It was at least ten years old

The leaves are starting to turn pretty shades of yellow, red, and orange. The weather is starting to grow colder every day so I decided to call the local HVAC company so they could perform a service tune up on the heating equipment. My husband found a coupon in the magazine from a different company that we normally use. We decided to give them a call, since it was about half price savings. While the company technician was performing the service, they went into the attic to check on the condition of our ductwork and ventilation components. When the guy came back down the stairs, he had a very strange and puzzled look on his face. He had a small piece of equipment in his hand and he asked me if I knew what it was. I told him that I never saw it before and then he told me that it was a small video camera. He told me the video camera was inside of the ductwork pointed in the direction of the master bedroom. I thought the guy was joking, but I could tell from the serious look on his face that he was not. I went into the attic with a guy and he showed me exactly where he found the camera in the ductwork. It wasn’t hooked up to any equipment, and it didn’t appear to have any wireless capabilities. It was at least ten years old. I have no idea where the video camera came from or even if it was there when we bought the house. It’s one of the most strange and puzzling things.

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