Looking for a warm room to rent

Well, it looks like I am at it again.

Looking for a new place to live without having any idea how I’m going to do it. This seems to keep happening to me no matter how much time goes on. I am constantly moving from place to place and trying to figure out a functional lifestyle that can be supported by my poorly compensated work. Right now, I think I’m so busy that I don’t even need a full house to live in. In fact, I would be rather happy if I could get a large, private room for me to spend a few hours each day. More than anything, I’m looking for some extra space, some bright windows, and a lot of warmth. You see, the last several houses I have lived in were extremely drafty. For some reason, they’re all poorly insulated and all of the windows and doors leaked cold air. I was constantly dealing with hot and cold temperatures in my space and I had to rely on my central heating and cooling system way too heavily. I did not enjoy it utilizing the thermostat on such a regular basis or racking up extremely high energy bills month after month after month. That’s why I would be happier with a smaller space that has a working heating system and adequate insulation. If I could just be comfortable in my bedroom to accomplish my tasks and sleep at night I would be happy with having less. Less space, less energy bills, and less wear and tear on the heating system. Right now, I’m looking for a warm room… Maybe in a few years I can upgrade to a full central heating and cooling system in a well-insulated house.



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