I can not believe i fixed it

Sometimes in life we just get pretty lucky with things.

This was the case when my electric fireplace broke a few months back.

I was sure that the electric fireplace had seen its day and that I was going to have to invest in a brand new electric fireplace. However before I threw in the towel and did that I wanted to see if I could troubleshoot the issues with my electric fireplace. The problem was it was not heating up. I checked the heating element inside of it and it appeared to be ok. There was nothing wrong there so I assumed that the electric fireplace had failed somewhere inside with the technical electronics of it all. But that was not the case either. It turned out that it was just as simple as a fuse being blown! I had no idea that electric fireplaces even had fuses. I found this out when I was speaking with a friend who also has an electric fireplace and while I was telling him my problem he asked if I checked the fuse! I was very confused when he said that. He then explained to me where it was. And lo and behold that was the issue! I was able to pick up a new fuse specifically for the electric fireplace for under 10 bucks and have my electric fireplace fully working once again by the end of the day for almost no cost at all! That was great that I did not have to invest a thousand bucks in a new electric fireplace!


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