Rented an RV with a ductless mini split and solar panel setup

This last summer I decided to take my family on a roadtrip with an RV rental.

The RV that I ended up getting was a pretty good deal and it seemed to be quite nice.

The interesting thing about this RV is that it was equipped with solar panels and it had a ductless mini split HVAC unit. I remember asking about this set up and the guy at the rental told me it was perfect for being able to run the HVAC unit without killing the battery of the RV. He said that we didn’t have to have the RV turned on all of the time just to use the climate control system. I thought it sounded great and so I went for this particular RV. When we were out on the road, we didn’t have any problems and the temperature control settings with the ductless mini split were absolutely perfect. It was especially comfortable when we would go to sleep during the evenings at various campgrounds. The only thing that I really struggled with was when I had to pump out the sewage from the RV. That was a really nasty job and the smell was terrible, but at least I was able to get it done! I immediately took a shower after doing that so that I could be fresh and clean. We ended up meeting a lot of interesting people at various campgrounds and the entire trip was a good time. My family was saying to me when we got back home that we had to do this more often. I think we can commit to doing RV trips at least once per year, but I sure would like to get the ductless mini split set up with solar panels every single time.
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