I am always visiting my grandfather at the nursing home

I regularly go to visit my grandfather at the nursing home.

He is always happy to see me, especially since I bring him baked goods all of the time.

I know that he has to be careful with what he eats so I usually get oatmeal cookies or something that is a little bit healthy. I’ll even bring him snacks like pretzels that he really enjoys. He always loves to tell me about the stories of his past and how things were in his day. He is always impressed with how far technology has come. In his nursing home, they have a massive ductless mini split system so he is able to adjust his own temperature control settings in his room. He loves telling me how great that ductless mini split is and he really wishes he had something like that when he was living in his own house. He says the ductless mini split has built in air purification. He can’t believe it because he never had access to an air purification system before, and it makes him feel so much better. He is able to sleep well at night with the perfect temperature control settings and everything. He even tells me how difficult it was back in the day when they had polio outbreaks and similar diseases. He says if they had air purification systems back then, they would have been alright, but a lot of people died from those diseases unfortunately. With the way he speaks about air purification, I’m honestly thinking about getting a nice air purification system in my own house.


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